Yoga With Fuchsia

27th Sep, 2022

About this event: When you join Fuchsia for one of her yoga classes you will be guided to experience a sense of calm, while releasing tension and gently building strength. With a focus on moving consciously and engaging the breath with movement, you will experience a sense of flow and moving meditation. Come away from her classes relaxed and energised with a calm yet focused mind. Fuchsia has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, she is a certified 350hr yoga teacher. Her understanding of the body and movement also enhanced by her formal dance training and experience with movement and dance teaching for over 20 years. - TUESDAYS 10AM YOGA FLOW [1hr] - When you join us for our yoga flow class you will experience the calming effects of breathwork, coupled with flowing movements to gently open the body, releasing tension, and moving through accessible movement sequences to building strength and mobility. With a focus of moving with the breath, cultivating mindfulness, you will experience ease in motion. Building on basic movements and asana these classes welcome all levels, ages and experience, each movement sequence easily adaptable to meet you where you are at. With over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, movement and dance Fuchsia will tailor the class to your personal needs. You will enjoy Fuchsia’s calming yet energising classes, walk away uplifted with your mind calm and body revitalised. - TUESDAYS 11:15AM MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION [1hr] - Experience a sense of calm and deep release with our Mindful Movement and Meditation class. This class will focus on moving consciously through a series of movements with breath awareness, together with movements to release tension and stress before guiding you through easy to access meditation practices to calm, revitalise and cultivate a sense of connection and peace within yourself. If you have wanted to start or deepen your meditation practice and would appreciate some techniques to calm the mind and nervous system then this class may be a great fit for you. Research shows that a regular meditation practice can provide so many benefits such as, but not limited to - reduced stress, increased self-awareness, increased patience and tolerance, improved creativity and ability to be present and manage attention, as well as gaining new perspectives and improved sleep. We invite you to give it a go and enjoy your first 2 classes free.