The Art of Holding Sacred Circle | Inspiration Source

12th Nov, 2022

About this event: The Art of Facilitating Sacred Circle Perhaps you have a yearning to hold a sacred circle yet lack the know-how. Maybe you have a calling to hold a sacred circle for women, men, girls, boys, crones, elders, significant transitions, and special occasions? Perhaps you want to fine-tune your existing skills before venturing into the world. Maybe you want to create a community or provide a more significant impact. If any of these words resonate, you are in the right place. This training is designed for those who genuinely desire to move beyond surface-dwelling learning and experience a deep and grounded understanding and mastery over the craft of holding a sacred circle, not only in a cognitive way but in an authentic experience of embodied wisdom. The art of holding circle is a dive into a sacred ritual open to women, men, and non-binary. It is an experiential journey of inner and outer exploration, discovery and insight that embodies the crafts essential for guiding circles. We will dive into circle history, theory and practice that help you design and guide your circle. We have methods, exercises, and materials for teaching and supporting you in developing your skills. There are countless ways to guide a sacred circle, but the fundamental essence that gives rise to sacred alchemy and ritual is constant. What is required is a combination of cognitive recognition and experiential embodiment of that recognition. It is essential to have the formula and know the steps in preparing for the circle, setting up the container, invoking sacredness, holding the space, and closing the ritual. And we will cover these steps and offer experiential practice and learning. You will leave knowing how to Design your circle format Create sacred space Guide and facilitate a circle Maybe you have a calling to help others or share your gifts and talents with the world. Perhaps you desire mastery of your existing potential, your soul is in conflict, and you can no longer deny the truth of your expression, or you hear the whispers of your instincts calling out to you. Whatever calls you to deepen your art should not be dulled. The art of holding a circle is an extraordinary journey collectively and individually. You will practice: What is a sacred circle, and how to prepare yourself to guide and facilitate it? Creating a sacred container that holds the energetic transmission Parameters that keep the space safe and welcoming How to ground the participants in a circle and connect with inner stirrings of body wisdom Techniques to invoke and align the circle around a particular topic Developing skills to guide and facilitate a circle You may be experienced in leading sacred circles or new to this space. This training is designed to support those new to circles and those looking to deepen their circle leadership skills. This training is not about providing a formula for a circle you can follow. We intend to transfer the essence and offer the essential steps so you can design a circle format that expresses your true intention. The skill attained are not limited to guiding a circle but transfers to other aspects of life. We become more grounded, present and able to listen to others, free of judgments and without agenda. The flow-on effect is improved communications and relationships. Sacred circles may be the most potent force for awakening known to humanity, so let's open hearts and share this medicine with as many people as possible. It is a lot to pack into one day, but it is a day that can change every day after Saturday ///// 8.30 am to 5pm – refreshments and lunch provided. Please inform us of any dietary requirements. About Vida Carlino I am a seeker of wisdom, lover of ritual, sacred circle, and all things mindful. I love laughter, family, open hearts, authenticity, risqué moments, stretching beyond, bright colours, stillness, raw honesty, nature, and good coffee. I have been guiding and facilitating ritual and sacred circles for many years, and countless times I have experienced the mystery that awakens from soul dialogue. Our predictable, domesticated, habitual ways of being are set free, and we can remember the truth of our potent medicine, often called coming home to self. My talent lies in holding sacred space and creating soul-stirring, heart-nurturing, mind-opening experiences that allow us to tap into and explore new ways of being. I do my stirrings through retreats, workshops, sacred circles and inspired coaching/ mentoring. All my works are a carefully orchestrated blend of ancient wisdom practise, mindfulness and contemporary techniques that change our fundamental relationship with ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.