Spring Equinox Women's Circle | Inspiration Source

23rd Sep, 2022

About this event: Circles of Inspiration for Women We Invite You to join us at Inspiration Space for the Spring Equinox Women's Circle.- this marks the renewed life of the Earth that comes with the Spring, celebrated when the length of the day and the night are equal. This is an auspicious time to gather in a sacred sharing circle to unburden from the winter darkness and the challenging times of late. The spring equinox is a powerful moment to call in blessings, renewal, and insights and awaken our untapped potential. The Spring Equinox invites us to take a seat between the dark solitude of winter and the hope and regeneration of Spring. We prepare for our transition, acknowledge our shifts and life cycles, rebirth any dormant desires, and plant new seeds of hope to bloom and grow. We will share in ritual, activate our deeper intentions and bring insight into our heart's desires. It doesn't matter if you are new to women's circles or a frequent visitor. You are welcome. This space belongs to humanity and calls us to be awake so we can together nourish and vitalise our essential nature and live with fulfilment. Circles of inspiration are a welcomed pause, a space to put down the burden, let go of doing, and for a time, allow what lies within the hidden crevice of the soul to reveal itself. It doesn't matter what you do for a living or what gender you prefer. It doesn't matter how successful you are or how many degrees you have. When women are witnessed, heard, and held by other women, insecurities, wounds, jealousies, and competition dissolves, authentic connections rise, and deep friendships are cultivated. We meet at Inspiration Space, a safe and welcoming sanctuary that holds the fabric of the feminine. Love, connection, compassion, vulnerability, pain, anger, creativity, fear, dreams, denial, truth betrayal, intuition, power, inspiration, clarity, selflessness, and sisterhood. Imagine nothing to do, nothing to prove, no competency to achieve and no-one to look after, a space just for you. Each circle is a respectful place where ancient wisdom meets the modern day. Spring Equinox is a time for us to listen, awaken, and discover not only in a linear rational cognitive thinking way but instead a genuine experience of what it means to be a woman. Circles of Inspiration are heart-opening gatherings that lift our spirit and bring clarity, understanding and meaning home to rest. About the circle: The circle has particular guidelines that contain the mystery and safety of the space, I have listed some below. -We all sit as equals with no hierarchy, corners, podiums. -One woman speaks at a time, and the other women practice open listening. -We use "I" language, and in doing so, we take ownership of our own experiences, rather than hiding behind we, they, it. -When we speak, we share honestly and authentically about how we feel. Speaking in this way is both powerful and courageous, which may take practice. -You are your own authority and only share if you choose to do so. -This space is free of advice giving, fixing, therapy, comments and feedback. -Judgements are left outside of the space. -The sacredness of the circle is dependent on maintaining confidentiality and treating each other with the utmost care and respect. Helpful tips: Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, a wrap to keep warm, favourite cushion otherwise we have lots of bolsters and anything else that makes you feel comfortable. Inspiration Space is located at U1, 885 Beauford Street, Inglewood; however, the entrance faces 9th Avenue beside the post office. The space has no stairs and is easily accessible. If you require additional assistance, please let us know; we are always happy to help.