Cultivating Confidance | Jade And Chloe

15th Oct, 2022

About this event: Imagine going to a workshop where you not only learn vital information and skills to help improve your Mindset and Mental Wellbeing- BUT also learn how to shake your booty and feel the power of your amazing body! All in the name of building confidence through DANCE! This is a Mindset and TWERKSHOP like you have never seen before! Part 1: Mindset Educational Workshop (1pm-2:15pm) Part 2: Twerk Education and TWERKSHOP & Confidence Building Meditation (2:30pm-4:00pm) The educational workshop component will have you learning about confidence, strategies to help you to feel more confident, and how to be more body confident! It is a Journey of Self! The twerkshop will have you learning how to pop, drop, bounce and shake what ya mumma gave ya! Letting yourself be free and having fun is encouraged ! The workshop will conclude with a Confidence building meditation! You don't need to be a dancer to start - this class is designed for EVERYONE 18+! About the Event Creators: [Jade from The Fulfilment Project!] Jade is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Professional Dancer. With 6 years experience in Therapy, she has a strong passion for helping others to feel good both physically and mentally. She brings Movement and Mindset together, to create movement with a purpose. Jades areas of interest are anxiety, depression, and building confidence in women! Insta: @thefulfilmentproject [Chloe from Twerk it Down Chlo!] Chloe aims to empower others through the art of dance! Passionate about women's health, she endeavors to create a safe space that allows women to give themselves permission to get embodied, feel the music and most importantly feel themselves. Chloe has 20 years Dance Experience & holds the "Miss Twerk 2021" title. Insta: @twerkitdowmchlo